Homemade Bandsaw Mill Build

UPDATE:  I have been working on drawing up some plans for this sawmill due to the large volume of requests that I have been receiving. 


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The main reason I built this mill is because I had some hardwood trees that I wanted get sawn into lumber for a few woodworking projects that I had planned. I had seen a couple videos where people had used the spare tires from cars as the band wheels and this really got my interest. With most of the builds that I had seen they had used conventional bearings to mount the wheels and required fabricating hubs to fit the wheel. (All extra work and money) The idea I had was to use the existing hubs and drive train from the vehicle that the tires came from. This proved to be a very quick and cost effective approach. I will definitely use this method for all future builds. Once I had gathered some scrap pieces I started the homemade bandsaw mill build. Below is a  video of the final project.

My Homemade Bandsaw Mill Video

After sawing up the lumber that I needed to, and sawing some for a friend I decided to sell it as I had no place to store it and it was exposed to the elements. I will be making another mill in the near future that has more automatic features. You can see my post on the ideas that I have for the automatic bandsaw mill here.

I will try to explain some important points in detail, but if there is something in particular that you would like to know, just add comment at the bottom of the page and I will reply for all to see.





**Disclaimer – I accept no responsibility or liability for any injuries that may result from building or using this information. In no way am I teaching you how to use power tools etc.

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