Sawmill Blade Selection
The blade that I recommend using for this sawmill is the 1-1/4″ x 0.042″ x 7/8″ pitch   To break that down, the 1-1/4″ refers to the width of the blade .042″ refers to the thickness of the blade 7/8″ refers to the distance between the teeth.   The... Read more
HMZ-1 Plans – Drive shaft and Drive wheel bearing , how to
I have added this post due to some requests to show how the drive axle/shaft of the car ends up fitting together to make the drive axle for the bandsaw mill. I feel this is the part that makes this mill different from other homemade saw mills.  These parts... Read more
HMZ 1 Plans – Blade Tensioner
   The blade tensioner gets welded to one of the wheel bearing mounts.  I used mine on the right side when looking  from behind the mill.                    HMZ 1 Sawmill Plans Main Page Read more
HMZ 1 Plans – Wheel Bearing Mount
     This wheel bearing mount gets welded to the Carriage cross member  when completed.      The hole diameter and bolt pattern on this face will be determined by the wheel bearing that you get.      I used 4″ steel Angle for the surface that the bearing... Read more
Bandsawmill model HMZ-1 Free Plans – Building The Carriage
       This is the foot of the carriage made from 4″ X 1 1/2″ Steel Channel.  2 pcs 32″ long.   Wheels:  You can use whatever you have on hand or can easily source for V-Groove Wheels.   The size is not important as we can compensate for... Read more
Bandsawmill model HMZ-1  – Plans
        NEXT >>     To download the plans for the Bandsaw Mill, click the button below:   Required Parts to build this project:   Read more
Homemade Bandsawmill Plans – Building The Bed
– The first step in this build is to build the bed that the carriage will ride on. – This is a very basic basic construction that will not need much explaining.  If you do not have the materials on hand that I use for this build, just substitute... Read more
Homemade Bandsaw Mill Build